While at Columbia Sportswear, I've worked on many different categories of product, including outerwear, sportswear, footwear, equipment, and accessories. Being part of small team has given me the opportunities to make an impact many different ranges of product, spanning across men's, women's, and youth. 

Below are some examples of product that I've helped bring to life through color. 


Hunting boot for Field & Stream

Adidas X Pensole - Windsurf Shoe Concept Project


Designed an equipment collection for durability and versatility - for the trail or pavement. 

The collection includes a 25L daypack, 20L sling pack, and 30L convertible duffel. 

Water resistant materials and construction.


Gloves aimed at the avid winter athlete.


This project aspired to provide an updated model to the home for the average family in America. In an effort to provide ample space while reducing the "mini-mansion" aesthetic that is so prevalent in today's residential areas, the total area was kept to 2,000 ft². The space within the home encouraged use of the common areas, to promote interpersonal interaction and community. 

Digital model and renders were produced using ArchiCAD.